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Cannabis Honey Oil U K Cheese (2ml)

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Cannabis Honey Oil U K Cheese (2ml) by VIRIDESCO 


78.7% THC

Cannabis Honey Oil U K Cheese is a Honey Oil Cannabis product hand crafted outside Nelson, in B.C.  The cannabis oil is made from the U.K. Cheese cannabis strain which is a phenomenal 50/50 Hybrid with an excellent cannabis medical terpene profile.

The cannabis resin is harvested with a frozen alcohol wash which is then filtered by activated charcoal.  The alcohol is then ‘winterized’ by being frozen below -20 Celsius for 72-hrs.  The winterizing process causes the fats and lipids to ‘fall-out’ of the solution whilst retaining precious terpenes.  Finally the solution is placed into a ‘Roto-Vap’ which removes the alcohol with constant agitation and vacuum pressure.

This high-end cannabis vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs at 78.7% THC.  The report including the terpene report and solvent analysis show that this oil is flavorful, clean and ready for your cannabis medical need.


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Cannabis Honey Oil U K Cheese is consumed usually by smoking, ingestion, or vaporization. Smoking or vaporizing hash Honey Oil is known colloquially as “dabbing”, from the English verb to daub (Dutch dabben, French dauber), “to smear with something adhesive”. Dabbing devices include special kinds of water pipes (“oil rigs“), and vaporizers similar in design to electronic cigarettes.


Honey Oil or Hash Oil are potent cannabis concentrate formulated from the drawn-out cannabinoids of the cannabis plant through an extraction method, achieved through filtering out impurity and skillfully purging of the solvent used in the cannabis solution. Honey Oil has this name because after the honey oil extraction its colour resembles that of honey. It’s a much purer and more flavorful and very potent form of the usual brown/dark brown/black or Cherry Cannabis Oils.



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