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Cannabis Medicinal Halley’s Comet Capsules (20mg THC & 20mg CBD)


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  • Cannabis Halley’s Comet Capsules (20mg THC & 20mg CBD)
  • 20mg CBD per capsule
  • 20mg THC per capsule
  • Lot Number and Best Before Date on Bottle/Package


Cannabis Medicinal Halley’s Comet Capsules are made with decarboxylated cannabis plant material and are standardized using extracted cannabis oil.  They combine both 20 mg CBD and 20mg THC in the same Cannabis Capsules.


Production of cannabis capsules requires a minimum of 3 analytical tests to ensure consistent active content.  Typically, cannabis capsules are used to maintain longer periods of active medication in the body; i.e. overnight use. Cannabis Capsules should never be taken on an empty stomach

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Cannabis Medicinal Halley’s Comet Capsules (20mg THC & 20mg CBD)

  • All capsules are 100% vegan, both the inside material and outer cap.
  • Least Bioavailable and are slow release.
  • *** Ideal for overnight use or when long plateau periods are desired. ***
  • CBD and THC caps can be hard on the stomach and digestive system, so it’s recommended that caps be taken with food and a full glass of water to avoid constipation and / or stomach upset.
  • Capsules are available in: Halley’s Comet 40mg (1:1), THC (20-40, 40-60, 60-80 and 80-100 mg), CBD (20mg and EPF-2.5)
  • EPF-2.5 (Enhanced Protein Formula with 2.5mg of CBD), which is made from hemp protein, is a daily supplement cap to be taken up to 3 times a day).
  • CBD caps have a hemp protein base with CBD extract added to it.
  • THC Caps are decarboxylated plant material with THC extract added to it

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