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Cannabis RSO Oil Fawkes Phoenix Tears (1g oral syringe)


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Fawkes Phoenix Tears Oil (1g oral syringe)

Lab Tested 67% THC  0.4 / 2.5% CBD

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Fawkes Phoenix Tears Oil is a potent concentrate formulated from the drawn-out cannabinoids of the cannabis plant through an extraction method, achieved through skillful purging of the solvent used and cannabis solution. Using an oral syringe is the preferred method by most clients to monitor their dosages for ingestion.

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The Cannabis RSO Oil Fawkes Phoenix Tears,  is the “Rick Simpson Oil – RSO” type, it refers to an extremely potent cannabis decarboxylated extracts produced from strong sedative and medicinal Indica cannabis strains, which may have higher THC levels in the 60% to 90% range. This harmless cannabis natural medication can be used with great success, to cure or control certain types of cancer, MS, pain, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, infections, inflammations, blood pressure, depression and sleeping problems among other medical disorders.

Fawkes Phoenix Tears is an Edible RSO Oil ; NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SMOKING!

What makes a cannabis RSO oil “edible” or “Smoke able” ?

Raw cannabis that is eaten does not have the same effects on the human body as cannabis which has is smoked or vaporized. Why is this? In order for a cannabis hash oil to be most effective when eaten, the cannabinoids need to be “activated” through a process known as decarboxylation. Basically, the cannabinioids need to be heated up. This happens naturally during smoking or vaporizing, but must be done manually when preparing any sort of cannabis extract to eat. You will get some of the benefit from cannabis without decarboxylation, but this heating process activates many of the pain relief and anti-nausea effects of medical cannabis.

What makes a cannabis RSO Type oil Smoke able is the method of extraction like the BHO extraction of butane hash oil or as some people call it in a higher THC potency hash honey oil, using a winterizing process that remove all lipids from the solution rendering these RSO cannabis oil type smoke able. This process uses butane as a solvent instead of alcohol, and like Rick Simpson oil, the essential cannabis oil is stripped from plant matter and then reduced into a concentrated form for a potent cannabis result.



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