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Cannabis Suppository 100 mg THC

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Cannabis Suppository for Rectal administration of cannabis or marijuana has many advantages. In addition to being a viable option for cannabis patients who can’t ingest or inhale cannabis, cannabis suppositories also begin to work quickly and last for a long time. Best of all, suppositories are efficient: up to 70 percent of the cannabis medicinal compounds in a cannabis suppository are bio available to the cannabis patients.

Mixed with cocoa butter for improved availability.

Each suppository contains 100 mg THC and should be inserted 1 inch into the rectum cavity.

A cannabis suppository is an ovular capsule that’s meant to be inserted vaginally or rectally. In the case of rectal cannabis suppositories, the capsules are typically about an inch long and are made from a mixture of coconut oil infused with cannabis or FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)-infused cocoa butter.

Cannabis Medical Usages ; Can be used to treat ailments including all cancers of the lower organs (the prostrate, intestines, uterus, colon, brain, and lung) and lower bowel ailments. It would also greatly aid, IBS, Chron’s, and Colitis sufferers.

Cannabis Medical Effects ; Once inserted, the capsule dissolves and is absorbed into the bloodstream through the thin lining of the intestinal wall. Unlike some other forms of medical cannabis, rectal cannabis suppositories are incredibly bio available meaning they’re easy for the body to use.

Who is it for!

Administering cannabis rectally is a fantastic choice for many cannabis patients. Take, for example, chemotherapy patients experiencing extreme nausea who can’t stomach edible marijuana but need pain relief nonetheless.

Another example is elderly patients who can’t swallow pills or patients headed into surgery who are not allowed to ingest anything orally in the hours before their procedure. These patients would all be good candidates for rectal Cannabis Suppository. Patients who simply don’t like the effects of edible or inhaled marijuana may prefer cannabis suppositories, as well

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Cannabis Suppositories are in several ways more effective than traditional methods of cannabis medication administration. Once inside the anus, the cannabis medicinal compounds in suppositories are quickly absorbed through the intestinal wall directly into the bloodstream, which results in “superior bio availability” over other forms of cannabis administration. That means you get more of the cannabis medicinal effects of the product using a suppository than if you smoked or ate the same cannabis amount.

Inhaled cannabis starts working almost immediately, but it wears off quickly unless you keep doing it periodically. The effects of oral cannabis might not be felt for 30–90 minutes because it has to travel through the intestine and liver. Although it can take 10–15 minutes for rectally inserted cannabis to kick in, effects can last four to eight hours.

Inhaling cannabis is 10–25 percent efficient, depending on how much and how frequently you continue to smoke it. Eating cannabis is around 20 percent efficient, and it has varying effects every time. In contrast, rectal administration of cannabis is 50–70 percent efficient, and its effects are predictable from patient to patient and from dose to dose.

Cannabis Suppositories are an ideal choice for many cannabis patients, such as chemotherapy patients who experience severe nausea and can’t keep oral cannabis down, elderly and babies who can’t smoke or swallow pills, surgery patients who are not allowed to ingest anything immediately before or after a procedure, and patients in severe distress who can’t wait for oral cannabis to take effect. There are also some people who just have sensitive stomachs that are irritated by ingesting cannabis.


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