Raspberry Chocolate Bar (200mg THC)

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Raspberry Chocolate Bar

Each Raspberry Chocolate Bar consists of 8 squares of chocolates and contains a total of 200mg of THC.

That means each Raspberry Chocolate Bar square is equivalent to 25mg THC.

This Raspberry Chocolate Bar (200mg THC) is excellent for being able to easily dose yourself, and is highly recommended by Cannabis Medical staff for both recreational and medical patients.

Cannabis Medical Usages; This Raspberry Chocolate Bar (200mg THC) is a viable option to treat ailments such as Insomnia, stress, pain, inflammation and depression.

Ingredients: Cannabis, milk chocolate, coconut oil, natural and artificial flavors.

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All Raspberry Chocolate Bar (200mg THC) are infused with winterized BHO. Winterized BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is processed on a closed loop extractor. Once out of the extractor the oil is re-dissolved in 96% ethanol and put into the freezer for 24-48 hours for the plant waxes and lipids to solidify and separate out. The oil is then strained to remove the solidified material and purged, first over a hot plate to remove the bulk of the solvent and then finished in a vacuum oven to remove all trace of the solvent from the extraction process.


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