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Romulan Cannabis Rosin Shatter (1g)

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Romulan Cannabis Rosin Shatter is a pure naturally extracted rosin from Romulan Cannabis a legendary Indica dominant cannabis strain well known for its narcotic-like stone and potent therapeutic qualities.

Romulan Cannabis Rosin Shatter wraps the user in a euphoric blanket of bliss while also stimulating the appetite. Snacks should be kept close as the munchies effect is very strong even for experienced cannabis medical users.

Cannabis Medical Usages; Insomnia, Pain, Depression, Loss of Appetite and Nausea. A f‌eeling of deep sedating relaxation makes Romulan Cannabis Rosin Shatter a favorite for cannabis medical patients treating muscle spasms and nerve damage. Users often find themselves glued to one spot and may be overcome by a sleepy-laziness. Cannabis Medical patients seeking pain relief often find that Romulan Cannabis Rosin Shatter may relieve even some of the worst chronic aches and pains. Others choose it to alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety disorders, depression and various stomach problems.

Cannabis Medical Effects: Sleepy, Sedated, Relaxed, Euphoric. Romulan Cannabis Rosin Shatter is most often chosen by those dealing with insomnia and as such should not be used to heavily during the day.

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Romulan Cannabis Rosin Shatter is made from a solvent less technique, meaning the process does not require use of any foreign substances for the cannabis oil extraction. This pure Romulan Cannabis Rosin Shatter is made from a lab extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously squeeze the cannabis resinous oil from initial starting material. The result is a translucent sappy shatter-like product. Rosin can rival the flavor and potency of other cannabis solvent-based extraction products like BHO.

Aesthetically, cannabis rosin is almost impossible to distinguish from shatter or sap. When compared to BHO (butane hash oil), the two are indistinguishable. Cannabis rosin, when made properly, retains just as many valuable terpenes that account for aroma and flavor. However, the difference between the two is that cannabis rosin shatter is completely free of the residual solvents often left behind by hydrocarbon extraction processes e.g. butane, propane, etc. Often, these complex and mechanical systems require a lengthy purge to safely remove most, if not all of the residual solvents from the final product. In other words, with cannabis rosin shatter you are essentially getting pure cannabis shatter without any solvents residue when using this cannabis oil extraction process.


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