Cannabis Chamomile Smile Tea ( 100 mg THC )


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Cannabis Chamomile Smile Tea ( 100 mg THC )

100 mg of THC per bag
10 servings per bag
(15g/bag) of loose leaf tea.


Feeling stressed? Want to take the edge off, and keep up with your daily routine?


Have body aches and pain? Let the pain ease away and relax!


Have cramps? A natural pain relief.


Ready for a great nights rest? Slip into a quality sleep.


Anxiety? Let it go!


Your daily health preventative medicine! Keep on top of your health.


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Cannabis Chamomile Smile Tea ( 100 mg THC ) From High Tea Brand contain 100 mg of Activated THC per package ( approximately 10 servings ) Much like eating cannabis edibles, it takes 30 to 45 minutes after ingestion of the cannabis tea to feel the effects, so a little care should be taken if you aren’t sure how much you should take, start with one cup and have more after an hour if you feel you need more. This Cannabis Chamomile Smile Tea is great if you want to medicate without smoking, and it is also a great and uplifting, healthy, tasty alternative to coffee.


The High Tea Brand is a quality organic bioavailable cannabis infused tea brand! If you’re looking to receive all the benefits of cannabis medicine, without the overwhelming high, then HighTea is for you! This cannabis medicinal tea helps relieve: stress, inflammation, pain, nausea and cramps, while allowing you to keep up with your daily routine!


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