Cannabis OG Strain CO2 Distillate THC (0.5 gram)

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Cannabis OG Strain CO2 Distillate THC (Dabs)

Electric Lettuce –

OG Strain CO2 Cannabis Oil (0.5ml oral syringe – 500mg)


Contains approximately 90-94% THC.
Each syringe contains a half gram of THC CO2 distillate.
Cannabis OG Strain
Used as an Edible or Dab.


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Cannabis OG Strain CO2 Distillate THC is a solvent-free cannabis concentrate, referred to as a “distillate” due to the process of refining and distilling the cannabis product to separate the molecules and contaminants. This process extract cannabinoids, such as THC molecules, CBD and terpenes, to re-infuse into the cannabis concentrates and cartridges to yield a pure and potent cannabis product.


The process first includes extracting the cannabis plant material with an hydrocarbon, such as CO2 or butane. Next, the cannabis product is heated up and vaporized. Lastly, the cannabis vapor consolidates through a cooling system and separates into beakers. This process is repeated multiple times to ensure pure cannabinoids are refined and distilled until they yield the final pure clear cannabis concentrate that contains approximately 90-94% THC.


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