Cannabis RSO Romulan Oil 2 ml 1240 mg THC

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Cannabis RSO Romulan Oil 2 ml 1240 mg THC

Viridesco BHO (vaping oil)

62% THC

75% Indica based.



Cannabis RSO Romulan Oil is an Indica dominant cannabis made from Romulan Cannabis Strain a legendary Indica dominant cannabis strain that got its name when people began joking that this strain could “dent your head” and create ridges like the warrior race from Star Trek that shares the strain’s name.


Romulan Cannabis is quite potent. It’s almost pure indica with a small amount of the sativa-dominant White Rhino hybrid, but its full origins are a mystery. Romulan Cannabis has a sweet earthy smell and taste, with hints of pine and citrus. It produces a deeply relaxed body high with a dreamy, floating sensation. Like all indicas, Romulan can be effective at treating anxiety, though it’s best for pain. It’s also used to treat depression and lack of appetite. Couch-lock is common when smoking Romulan, so it’s best saved for late nights or rainy days at home.


This cannabis medical product was grown and produced on Vancouver Island, in British.Columbia The producer finished the product using digital agitating hotplates creating a great quality ‘Phoenix Tear’. The resin is harvested with a frozen alcohol wash which is filtered by a 5micron filter bag. The solution is finished with care using mild heat and agitation, the RSO method


Cannabis Medical Effects; Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Euphoric, Uplifted. VIRIDESCO Cannabis Oil RSO (Phoenix Tears Oil) has been reported to reduce the size of tumors and cancerous lesions. It is also used to treat pain, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, sleep disorders, inflammation, lack of hunger, depression, and substance dependence among other symptoms.



Cannabis Medical Usages; Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Headaches. The Romulan cannabis strain is popular among patients looking for full-bodied pain relief that lasts and lasts. Coupled with a foggy head high, it’s hard to concentrate on tasks that require attention to detail as this strain will make you feel stoned.


Romulan cannabis is also frequently used to treat anxiety, chronic aches and pains, stomach issues, PTSD, and lupus. Another benefit of the Romulan cannabis strain is that it doesn’t usually make high-tolerance patients that tired.


Patients should start with a dosage that is approximately the size of half of a grain of rice, and should either vaporize it or apply the concentrate sublingually under the tongue. When applied under the tongue, the active cannabis ingredients become quickly adsorbed into the blood stream via the membrane in the tongue and throat.



Lab Tested ; This RSO premium vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain 65.57% Cannabinoids This includes 62% THC Please see Lab report in the gallery pictures.







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Cannabis RSO Romulan Oil 2 ml


Cannabis RSO Romulan Oil 2 ml is a potent cannabis concentrate formulated from the drawn-out cannabinoids of the cannabis plant through an extraction method, achieved through skillful purging of the solvent used and cannabis solution.


The Cannabis RSO Romulan Oil comes packaged and ready for easy-use dosage in The Patron Eos-Dispenser. This dispenser is the world’s first dispenser specifically designed for the viscous resins of Cannabis! Accurate to 0.01ml, Patron’s industry defining Patron Dispenser is the most precise on the market, down to the smallest milliliters.

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  1. fcook

    I have been trying a number of different strains and types of oils for pain. This one works so I don’t have to take pain killers. Be careful, though, it is easy to take a bit too much!

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