Shatter Phyto Blue Cheese Indica (1g)


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Phyto Blue Cheese Indica Shatter is made by Phyto Extractions a high grade Canadian cannabis concentrate producer and 1st Place winner of the 2015 Karma Cup for best concentrates. It’ s made from an indica dominant cannabis strain. The Blue Cheese medical cannabis strain is a hybrid cross between Blueberry and UK Cheese Cannabis. It’s a smooth strain with euphoric and psychedelic effects

Cannabis Medical Usages; Can provide relief for muscle spasms, pain, and stress, insomnia, depression,lack of appetite.

Cannabis Medical Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, sleepy, hungry.


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Phyto Blue Cheese Indica Shatter is the product of a butane hash oil extraction. It’s achieved through skillful purging of the butane and Phyto Blue Cheese Indica Shatter solution, often employing the use of a vacuum. The product is a clear, often yellow or orange hue. It may be malleable, almost like taffy, or very brittle and easily breakable. Phyto Blue Cheese Indica Shatter is an extremely potent Cannabis ConcentratePhyto Blue Cheese Indica Shatter is a popular cannabis medical remedy for chronic pain and other intractable symptoms


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